Search Engine Optimization Audit and Corrections

You’ve mapped out your Search Engine Optimization Strategy and done an SEO audit. Now it’s go time!

Search Engine Optimization Audit

Let me help you implement the changes on your website to optimize it for search engines and also make it a better experience for your users.

My Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

  • SEO Audit: The first thing to do with your site is assess where it needs work. I’ll perform a thorough SEO audit to pinpoint problem areas and suggest corrective actions.
  • Header rewriting: Does the main header on your page tell the most important thing about your page?
  • Meta title and description writing: Some platforms use the main title and description as the meta tags for your site. Other platforms, such as WordPress, allow you to customize that text. This is important because the meta tags are your “sales pitch” that shows up in search results.
  • Content tweaking: Sometimes your content only needs a few small changes to really improve its value to search engines. I can make those tweaks for you and also give guidance on rewriting content if needed.
  • Sitemap repair: Sometimes your sitemap isn’t being properly indexed by search engines and sometimes it doesn’t exist at all! Did you know that by default, the sitemap created by Shopify is sometimes blocked from indexing? I’ll fix those problems for you.
  • Redirects: Do you have links that are no long being used and now point elsewhere or should be pointing elsewhere? I’ll make sure that the redirects are set up properly so search engines will drop the old links for the new.
  • HTTPS: At this point, just about every site that involves the exchange of personal information should be running securely. If your site isn’t or if you are having problems with mixed content (some secure, some not on the same page), I’ll get that fixed for you.
  • Keyword Research: Have you chosen the best keywords for your site? What are your competitors doing? I’ll help you figure it all out and let you know how hard it will be to rank for your chosen words.
  • Link Building: Getting links from other sites is critical to getting visible organic placement in search engine results. I’ll provide you with a list of websites that are potential places to ask for links. I will also provide you with suggestions on how best to go about contacting these sites.
  • Localized SEO: If you’re a local company you need to be found by your neighbors, not by someone on the other side of the country. I will help you get your site optimized for local search and also assist with your Google and Bing local search pages.

If you haven’t put together an SEO Strategy, fixing your SEO is pointless.

Once you have a strategy and have fixed problems, it’s time to focus on SEO reporting and further optimization.