If you have absolutely nothing to do for a while, and you feel like getting fired up, I recommend reading the prequel to this post, here.

“I Hate Large, Homeschooling Families” is, I think by far, the most read and answered post ever on this blog. I hope Ian doesn’t mind my using his title to tell a small story.

I come from a large, homeschooling family, and I certainly wasn’t offended reading Ian’s post, even though I know that I’m guilty (a few times, as a child) of some of the things that Ian would use as examples for his point. In my parents’ defense, I will say that as far as behaving in public went, I never got away with anything (that they knew about).

Now I’m a little older, and I enjoy seeing large families around; they remind me of my childhood. I came across just such a family today, as I prepared to enter the drive-through lane of the Taco Bell close to the store here. The family was in a big, gray Chevy Astro. From my point of view, they got to the drive-through just before I did, so I motioned for them to go first. I noticed just after pulling in behind them that there were a couple decals on the rear window – one of a couple children kneeling and praying before a cross (I see these often now), and the other proudly proclaiming that they are “Jesus Freaks”.

I envisioned myself in my head just then getting out of my car for a second to ask them if they were Catholic, but I decided against it. The driver was a woman, and I might’ve scared them doing that. Now I wish I did, because when I pulled up to the window to pay for and get my food, I was informed that the people in front of me paid for my meal; their reason for doing so was because I let them go before me. So in the end I learned that if they weren’t Catholic, they were at least good Christians, which are hard to find these days, even among Catholics.

The best reason that I can come up with for this surprising action is that they wanted to reward a tiny act of kindness, and in so doing help cultivate a spirit of charity. After I left Taco Bell with my food, I looked around a little for that vehicle so I could thank them, but I didn’t spot them again. So this is me saying thank you, and trying to make the most of their generosity by sharing the experience with our readers.