SEO Analytics Analysis

You’ve been tracking your web traffic and sales in an analytics program, but are you doing any Google Analytics data analysis? If not, it’s time to fix that. If you have, you probably have a bucket of data that is getting lonely waiting to be reviewed.

Google Analytics Data Analysis

It’s time to make sure that your tracking efforts are actually helping you reach your goals. Here is what I can do for you:

  • Analysis tool setup: If you aren’t already using an analytics program and Google Search Console, I can get these essential applications set up for you.
  • Goal setup: You have goals for your site. Are you actually tracking those to see if people are completing them or dropping off part way through the process? I will set up your goals so you can see where in the process you may need to make changes.
  • Segment setup: Do you have particular groups of customers you need to pay special attention to? Or maybe you have sections of your website that you need to produce more sales? I can set up extra segments and reports to give these better visibility.
  • Google Search Console analysis: Does your website look healthy to search engines? Search Console will provide the answers. I’ll provide reporting to show you what to fix and assist you in the process, if needed.
  • Analytics analysis: Once you know what your goals are I can look at your analytics data and show you how you are doing and how to improve.
  • Notation tracking: As we make improvements to your site, I’ll make sure that the changes are noted in Google Analytics so you can see where improvements came from.

If you need help articulating your SEO Strategy or implementing SEO optimization, I’ll help you with that,too.