Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation scales the personal touch that existed in some brick-and-mortar stores to all your customers and visitors. It would be nice to speak with each customer individually, thank them for ordering, and suggest new products for them to consider. Unfortunately, in the on-line world that isn’t possible like it might have been in a brick-and-mortar store.

That’s where email marketing platforms comes in. Through the use of a programs like Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, or Klaviyo, I can help you set up campaigns that contact specific customers who do specific things while you sleep.

These platforms are very powerful and give you all kinds of opportunities that you couldn’t do manually if you want your business to grow. For example:

  • Let a customer know about a matching laptop case for the laptop he just purchased.
  • Remind a customer three months down the road to reorder cleaning products.
  • Remind customers to change out the batteries in their smoke detectors twice a year.
  • Send your most loyal customers a special product sample.
  • Let your customers know about the latest post on your blog.
  • Send SMS reminders to customers about an upcoming class.
  • Send your B2B customers physical post cards announcing sales.

When set up correctly, email marketing automation platforms can do a lot of the heavy-lifting for your marketing efforts. Getting the most out of your software can be a challenge, though, because setting up campaigns correctly takes time and the filters and triggers you need to produce the best results aren’t always obvious.

I’m here to help. I’ve been working with email marketing platforms for over fifteen years and can get your Klaviyo, Infusionsoft, and Mailchimp accounts set up properly to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

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