When you open this package and find the wedding gifts from our children inside, your first reaction will probably be “Do we actually have to save these?” The answer is of course, no. The reason why we have sent them is more for our children’s benefit than yours.

You see, our children have a generous streak that usually manifests itself in crudely drawn thank you notes, sock dolls and semi-identifiable art that they make for someone almost every time we visit. Because we see the innocent beauty in these gifts, we let them give them even though they aren’t necessarily going to end up framed on your wall.

We hope that by encouraging a generous nature in our children that they will continue to be generous later in life. When you have children of your own, always accept their gifts joyfully because it is far better to have generous children who give what they can than children who don’t have an inherent generosity.

May God bless your marriage,

Ian and Paula Rutherford